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Collection of Stamps for Sri Lanka (& Ceylon before 1972). Collectors items related to Vesak Lanterns. Vesak is the festival, which is celebrated with high enthusiasm and elaborate preparations. Basically this is a religious festival commemorating the birth of Buddha the founder of Buddhism. This festival is celebrated in all the countries where Buddhists live in considerable number. These include India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tibet, Laos, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

However the name of the festival vary widely. 'Vesak' is a word in Singhalese, the language of the majority Buddhists in Sri Lanka. The main emphasis in celebrating this festival is to commemorate the events in Buddha's life namely his birth, enlightenment and passing away. Generally, the purpose of festival remains same all over the world, the way it is celebrated defer. People make Lanterns, which are generally referred to as vesak lanterns, of various shapes and sizes incorporating coloured electric lights. These lanterns are displayed in private houses as well as in streets and public places. Huge lanterns with considerable artistic appeal attract many people to the places where they are displayed.

Sri Lanka used stamps

Vesak - Star lanterns

Date: 04-May-87
Denomination: 5r
Country: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Used Stamp - Vesak - Star lanterns from 1987 in collection of Used Stamps part of Catagories: Vesak, Buddhism.


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