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Collection of Stamps and First Day Covers for Sri Lanka (& Ceylon before 1972).

Historically, the most famous sources for blue sapphire are Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been the most prolific producer.

Sri Lanka currently is not only the most productive source for sapphire, but the sapphire mines there are among the oldest known. According to historical accounts, Ceylon was already known for sapphire by the 2nd century A.D. and there was an active international trade in Ceylon gems by the 4th and 5th century. Many of the most famous sapphires in the world come from Sri Lanka, including the Star of India (563 cts) and the Logan Sapphire (423 cts).

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Banknote-Sri Lanka 1000 Rupee - 2001
Sri Lanka 1000 Rupee - 2001
Banknote-Sri Lanka 100 Rupee 1979
Sri Lanka 100 Rupee 1979
Stamp Mini Sheet
Stamp Mini Sheet-Elephants of Sri Lanka
Elephants of Sri Lanka
Stamp Mini Sheet
Stamp Mini Sheet-Vesak 2002
Vesak 2002